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Q and A on June 7th Video
J. Hutchings, S. Durski, and A. Khosravi
Oregon State University
Multi-scales in sea ice: A review of sea ice structure and how it relates to mechanics
S. Farrell, K. Duncan, E. Buckley, O. Baney
University of Maryland
High-resolution Observations of Arctic Sea Ice with NASA’s ICESat-2
N. Hutter, L. von Albedyll, S. Hendricks
Alfred Wegener Institute
MOSAiC: a testbed for DEMs?
B. Tremblay, Damien Ringeisen, and Mathieu Plante
McGill University
Intersection Angle between shear fractures in Sea Ice
H. Dinh, D. Giannakis, G. Stadler, and J. Slawinska
New York University
Machine Learning on Phase-Field Models of Sea Ice Fracture
N. Chen1, S. Fu1, and G. Manucharyan2
1 University of Wisconsin
2 University of Washington
Efficient and Statistically Accurate Lagrangian Data Assimilation of Sea Ice Using Non-Interacting Floes
Q. Deng, N. Chen, and S. Stechmann
University of Wisconsin
Lagrangian DA and UQ for Sea Ice Floes with Superfloe Parameterization
A. Davis 1, D. Giannakis1, G. Stadler1, and S. Stechmann2
1 New York University
2 University of Wisconsin
Super-parameterization of Lagrangian sea ice dynamics using the Boltzmann equation
Q and A on June 8th Video
A. Khosravi, J. Hutchings, and S. Durski
Oregon State University
Mechanics of sea ice at small scales
S. Durski, J. Hutchings, and A. Khosravi
Oregon State University
Development of a polygon-based DEM for sea ice
S. Labbe
Sorbonne University
Sea ice modelling, a granular approach
L. Liu and S. Ji
Dalian University of Technology
Discrete element analysis of ice load on marine structures with dilated polyhedron element
A. Polojärvi and J. Tuhkuri
Aalto University
Granular Sea Ice in Engineering Scale
A. Damsgaard 1,2, O. Sergienko1, and A. Adcroft1
1 Princeton University
2 Aarhus University
Floe-scale ridging in discrete element models for sea ice
D. O'Connor, B. West, and M. Krackow
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
Modeling Continuous Sea Ice Floes with the Discrete Element Method
R. Moncada Lopez and J. Andrade
California Institute of Technology
Sea Ice Level Set DEM: Effects of Lateral Melting and Breakage
B. Montemuro and G. Manucharyan
University of Washington
SubZero -- Sea Ice Model with an Explicit Representation of a Floe Life Cycle