List of DEM models

Oregon State University
Siku Sea Ice Discrete Element Method Model
Labbe Model
Sorbonne University
Dynamics of an assembly of rigid ice floes
Dalian University of Technology
A modified discrete element model for sea ice dynamics
Aalto University
2D numerical simulations of ice rubble formation process against an inclined structure
Lagrangian DEM
1 Princeton University
2 Aarhus University
Application of Discrete Element Methods to Approximate Sea Ice Dynamics
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
ParticLS: Object-oriented software for discrete element methods and peridynamics
University of Gdansk
Discrete-Element bonded-particle Sea Ice model DESIgn, version 1.3a – model description and implementation
University of Washington
SubZero -- Sea Ice Model with an Explicit Representation of a Floe Life Cycle